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Why We’re Launching Hues BOA

Embracing Diversity Strengthens Creativity and Innovation in Fashion

The fashion world provides the perfect environment for diversity. As an industry that needs designers and brand ambassadors who bring clothing designs that are inspiring, unique, and fresh, fashion needs brands as diverse as our society. The unique self-expression of diverse groups and cultures fuels Hues BOA to craft clothing choices for all groups.

Fashion Can Reflect Our Real World

And this is why HUES BOA exists— our reason for being. HUES BOA is a street-styled clothing and accessories company that strives to contribute to the fashion world by making clothing for every size, every shape, and every skin tone through diversity. We are inspired by the ability to create a new clothing brand that reflects everyone in our world and society. As a Black-Owned Apparel brand, our mission unites us all through our incredible diversity. And that’s why we created HUES BOA, a new brand of clothing and accessories to share with the world.

At Hues BOA we know diversity makes the fashion world flourish

Diversity in Designs 

Delve deeply into the fashion realm and notice how diversity inspires creative inspiration. Consider what diverse designers from every race and ethnicity get to introduce to a wide range of people through their backgrounds. For instance, African prints, such as Ankara and Kente, are a fashion trend integrated into clothing collections and home fabrics, bringing vibrant HUES and unique designs to consumers worldwide who have loved these fresh interpretations. 

The Bohemian fashion trend has been rocking for the past decade and draws inspiration from Native American, African, and South American tribes. Elements like fringe, tassels, and embroidery are now part of modern clothing. The traditional textile techniques of East Asia –tie-dye, batik, and block printing – are reborn in the hands of designers. Tee shirts, dresses, and accessories are a massive hit.

The closer you look at the fashion world — from streetwear, urban fashion, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, and haute couture, the more you see how diverse designers draw on their wide-ranging influences and perspectives. Exposure to diverse family histories, cultural histories, cuisines, art forms, and cultural celebrations enables designers to bring that to the rest of the world. What results is clothing that is unlike anything we were offered in the past when the fashion world was closed to diverse designers? Hues BOA, strives to correct this historically restrictive industry “fashion designers only” attitude and embrace the most diverse street styles in apparel and accessories, and not relegate them to “urban clothing.”

Without diversity among fashion designers, consumers would have never had access to such a wide range of styles. Giving this gift of diversity infused in clothing that anyone can access creates a shared cultural awareness and understanding. This is a step in the right direction toward unifying us all as Heaven Utilizes Every Shade.

Diversity Fuels Economic Success

Embracing diversity in fashion is not just a trend move– it’s a power play that pays off strategically. Brands that ride the wave of representing all people expand their market and their customer base. Diverse brands that can tap into their ability to include all resonate with a broader range of fans. This is smart economically as it fuels greater profitability.

It’s proven that brands that embrace diversity resonate with more consumers and enjoy economic rewards. Fenty, the fashion and cosmetics brand of the musician Rihanna, boldly celebrates diversity by offering makeup in shades for all skin. The company hit a note with diverse consumers worth over $2.8 billion. Pyer Moss, a Haitian-American brand by Kerby Jean-Raymond, presents stories of race through fashion. He brought luxury to a streetwear brand while giving voice to essential topics in Black culture, like Black cowboys in pioneer days and Black women who formed rock and roll culture.

Hues BOA – A Black-Owned Fashion Brand Joining the Revolution

Revolutionizing Fashion Marketing

Picture diverse marketing crews who create ads that capture the essence of their groups of friends. And these crews create marketing campaigns that capture a vibe because they are authentic. Audiences recognize this and want to be a part of it– they want to wear the brands that speak to them. Diverse teams can create ads that speak to multicultural audiences.

This is a massive shift in how the industry approaches consumers through marketing. When fashion brands champion diversity, they strike a chord with all consumer demographics. Combining all perspectives and diverse talents, campaigns can now cross boundaries that used to separate us. Instead, marketing can reach across the spectrum and redefine how fashion influences society.

Why Hues BOA Champions Diversity

Beauty in Humanity, Not Perfection – Heaven Utilizes Every Shade

The fashion realm is ditching the old rulebook on beauty as new designers combat uniform beauty standards in society. Diversity is now the rule, breaking the idea that beauty is about fitting into a specific mold. Beauty is more than a face of symmetry on a statuesque frame. The concept is now being remixed, and the U.S. is breaking out of the mold of history’s narrow definitions of what is “beautiful.” This is all thanks to diverse brands and diverse talent on the scene. These are helping rewrite the script on what captivates the eye and what visual elements are worth admiring.

Beauty is rocking your style, accentuating the fact that Heaven Utilizes Every Shade of skin, and embracing your shape. It’s not just a pretty face– it’s a canvas of colors and shades that make you unique. Fashion is responsible for helping to flip the script, showing us that beauty is about being authentic and owning who you are.

Hues BOA The Cutting Edge of Diversity in Fashion

HUES BOA wants to be a part of this turning tide. Fashion thrives when it fully showcases diversity, and we plan to design just that way. Let’s keep expanding representation in the industry and giving people– all people a new way to present themselves to the world with pride and individuality. We are showing how Heaven Utilizes Every Shade in our global society.


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