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The Next Generation: Emerging Minority Leaders to Watch


We’ve got good reason to be excited about the future: a new generation of diverse young leaders is stepping up in grassroots activism and US civic and government engagement. These new names are rising to the challenge of forming a more equitable and just society in the U.S. As minority voices begin to have more influence, this generation of leaders will shape the civic and governmental landscape in the future.

HUES BOA supports these individuals because they encompass our brand’s spirit and principles: strengthening and unifying us all through diversity. As more diverse people get a seat at the table in government and civic matters, life becomes better for all Americans. We are optimistic about the changes as minorities from all walks of life enter more leadership roles.

One notable minority leader is Maxwell Alejandro Frost, who, in his mid-20s, is the first member of Generation Z elected to Congress. He is also the first Afro-Cuban elected to Congress, representing Central Florida in the House.

Frost is known as a gun control activist and leader in March For Our Lives. As an adopted member of his family, he has also been vocal in his support for abortion rights, stemming from his birth mother’s experience as she didn’t have the means to get adequate medical care for her pregnancy and birth. He embraces his role in Congress and plans to learn the ropes of bringing about legislative change supported by both parties.

Gun control activist Aalayah Eastmond survived the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. After that experience, she became a vocal advocate for gun violence prevention and racial justice. She is an emerging young Black leader to keep an eye on.

Eastmond has testified before the U.S. Senate and House on gun violence, and she serves on the council of Team ENOUGH, a youth organization advocating for gun control. She co-founded Concerned Citizens of D.C., which fights for political, social, and educational change. Eastmond received the MLK Day Youth Award in January 2020 from the National Action Network. Currently a student at Trinity University, she is majoring in criminal justice. She focuses on helping the U.S. be a more equitable place for people of all races! A place where Black Culture can thrive.

In 2023, Cori Bush became the first Black woman to represent the state of Missouri in Congress. As a nurse, pastor, advocate, and politician, Cori has used her “blue collar” working citizen background to relate to voters. She has promised to be “a regular person representing regular people in Congress.”


Bush’s platform revolves around issues that affect working Americans every day. She advocates for a $15 minimum hourly wage for workers and supports tuition-free college. She is a strong voice in healthcare, advocating Medicare for All. Bush is a vocal advocate for housing for all and works tirelessly to end homelessness. Bush is honing in on things Americans relate to and struggle with. She is another rising minority leader to watch.

Indian-American Aruna Miller became the nation’s first South Asian woman elected as lieutenant governor in Maryland. She also became the first woman of color and immigrant elected to statewide office in Maryland.  As an immigrant to the US at the age of seven, she spent years working at the Department of Transportation in her local county to improve transportation access for all who lived there.

As lieutenant governor, she has worked to boost investment in STEM education for underprivileged youth. Her platform highlights mental health care accessibility for everyone.  She also champions working families and survivors of domestic abuse.

Miller chairs the Council on Interfaith Outreach, which bridges the divide between different religions to encourage tolerance and better serve all religious communities. As a bridge builder and advocate for the underserved and underprivileged, Miller is an emerging leader whose policies we can support.

Aftab Pureval became the first Tibetan-Indian mayor of Cincinnati in 2021, which says something for a city of over 50% white residents. Pureval is the son of an Indian immigrant dad and a Tibetan refugee mother. His focus is on economic recovery and development for Cincinnati. He also pushes affordable housing, focusing on sustainability and the environment.

Pureval has a background in running a legal clinic that helped tenants facing eviction. As mayor, he plans to address eviction policies head-on and make housing more equitable overall for the city’s residents. He aims to develop low-income and affordable housing to benefit Cincinnati.

Pureval also aims to strengthen the city’s safety by focusing on violent crime and being strategic about when police officers should be armed, supporting the use of unarmed officers in non-emergencies.

As an immigrant with big plans for changing systemic issues that have plagued his city for a long time, Pureval is a city leader to follow.

Isabella Casillas Guzman is a member of President Biden’s Cabinet and serves as the 27th Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). She is also the highest-ranking Latina in the US government.


Guzman’s role is to champion America’s small businesses and startups. Under her guidance, the SBA has grown to support small businesses better with greater access to capital, contracting, training, and tools. She wants to make it easier for entrepreneurs to get small business loans and to equalize access to support that makes small businesses thrive. Guzman is passionate about startups, especially providing ways for minorities to start businesses. She is working to make a more equitable business landscape for all people, regardless of social background or race: policies we can all root for!

Diversity Strengthens Our Future As One 

Driven by social consciousness and a vision of positive change, these young, diverse leaders bring new perspectives from their communities. And as they do, we know that every person benefits. As part of shared humanity, many of the issues we care about are aligned. We are super excited to see the rise of these individuals, and we stand ready to get involved and support their platforms.

So what about you? Are you aiming for a leadership role in your community or government? Let us know your platform and what you support!  We’d like to hear how you plan to change society, whether at the grassroots or globally. HUES BOA is all about amplifying young, new, and hopeful leaders of tomorrow.


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