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The Humble Beginnings of Hues BOA A Black-Owned Texas Brand

Started from the Bottom Now We’re Here

Where It All Began in Bay City Texas  

From a 2-bedroom house ducked off in the cuts of Bay City, Texas. When we say “cuts,” we mean the heart of the hood. Avenue C was the most notorious street in our little town, with a population of approximately 10,000 people at that time. As a summer job at age 9, the founder of Hues BOA worked on a Turf grass farm, driving a tractor and stacking grass. Besides school, this would be his first-hand account of experiencing multiple cultures working together as one. Like most small-town families, attending Sunday worship was not an option, which for us was First Sacred Memorial Church.

People often think of Texas as a red state, divided amongst racial lines and country as hell. The truth is we are one of the most diverse states in the United States. Fishing is a sport around these parts. Stay tuned for more blogs and reels and lock into the personal side of Hues BOA. We want our customers and others to know we aren’t a brand fixated on just selling quality clothing but one that inspires others to realize that Heaven Utilizes Every Shade. Our Clothes = Our Voice, and it’s part of our DNA to build bridges amongst cultural and racial lines. We believe that a tree without roots is dead, and people without history or cultural roots, also become dead.

We hope you enjoyed the first part of our story. Check back with each product drop for the next chapter!

Some of the Hues BOA founder’s core principles are:

Heaven Utilizes Every Shade 


Our Clothes = Our Voice


A Born and Raised Texas Brand


Diversity Through Clothing Designs


Diversity Fuels Economic Success


Beauty in Humanity, Not Perfection


Feel the Ecstasy of Unity


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