Black owned apparel
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Become a Hues BOA Ambassador

Our brand will always be about inspiring all flavas of HUES, as our tagline testifies to: Heaven Utilizes Every Shade. As we kick off this ride together, we've rolled out an ambassador program for peeps who feel our vibe just like you!

Represent diversity and unity in style!

Our message isn’t about pushing our product and feeding our custos a bunch of nonsense to make a sale. HUES BOA is more real than that. It’s about what Hues BOA apparel means, why you should represent it… what the tagline HEAVEN UTILIZES EVERY SHADE means to you, and who/ how it will inspire others when you wear that hoody, tee, or other HUES BOA products.
We’re looking for authentic ambassadors to rock with Hues BOA today! As an ambassador, we’ll talk to you personally about how best you can represent our brand, our requirements, and the perks associated with promoting our products. Bring your authenticity, and let your followers know you support a diverse world while putting them on some lit drip.
Hit us up today and let us know why you are passionate about becoming an ambassador for our HUES BOA brand and why you feel you have what it takes to connect with like-minded people.

Our Clothing = Your Voice

We're a proud black-owned apparel and accessories business, but we're here to unite all of us. As a Texas based, veteran- owned business, we can't wait to share our vision with the world.


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