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Supporting Black-Owned E-Commerce: Why it Matters

Shop Socially Conscious Apparel: Supporting Black-Owned Businesses 

So you’re fashion-savvy and shopping for pants, new sweats, jackets, or t-shirts–new additions to your everyday wardrobe. And you want to exude individuality and style, not an off-the-rack look. You’re not going to Amazon for fashion like thousands of more discerning consumers today. You feel where you spend your dollars matters, so you look for smaller fashion brands to champion. And, as a savvy buyer, you will seek out brands that align with your beliefs and ideals.

With racial justice and equity high in the social conscience today, this is precisely how today’s consumers are putting their values into action. And thousands of buyers have changed their buying habits. People recognize that to create more equity in society, more spending should be directed towards black-owned and minority-owned businesses. It’s a meaningful way to put financial momentum behind diverse communities.

Why Does Supporting Black-Owned Businesses Matter? 

Black-owned businesses have been taking off over the past four years and are contributing significantly to the economy. Data shows that in 2020 alone, Black-owned businesses created over 48,000 new jobs and employed over 1.3 million people. Black-owned businesses also added $1.7 billion to the payroll in the U.S.

However, if the trajectory of Black-owned businesses continues to keep pace, it will still take 256 years to get to parity to equal the Black population’s percentage of the population. That statistic should shock you! This means it could take over 200 years for wealth disparity along racial lines to truly improve.

So, when you consider the fact that promoting business ownership among an under-represented minority is one of the most effective ways to bridge the wealth gap, it’s clear that buying from these Black and minority-owned businesses can have a more significant effect than just adding profit. Shopping with these businesses can help snowball their success and add to business and wealth creation and a more equitable future for generations to come.

HUES BOA: An Inspiring and Empowered Brand

This is where HUES BOA comes in. HUES BOA is an inspiring example of a Black-owned and founded fashion brand. It is a men’s and women’s urban street-style company with a purpose and a message beyond looking great. The name HUES declares, “Heaven Utilizes Every Shade.” The brand aims to celebrate diversity while promoting unity.

The HUES BOA was founded by Lloyd Parks, who brought decades of fashion industry expertise to the venture. Parks previously led growth for major global fashion brands and saw a place in the market for a brand that embraced the concept of diversity by unification. Rather than focus solely on what makes us different, HUES BOA aims to bring into view the things that make us alike and celebrate our individuality and commonality.

Vibrant Self-Expression For All 

The HUES BOA collection consists of laid-back, street/urban wear, with core pieces like signature tees, hoodies, jackets, jeans, and hats in bold shades and neutrals that complement all skin tones. The brand spotlights beauty by intentionally showcasing a diverse range of models across the Black and Brown spectrum.

HUES BOA messaging is all about bringing us together. It reminds us of our common ground: “Many Shades, One People.” The brand says we can be united in our shared hopes, struggles, victories, and humanity.  With street cred and social conscience, HUES BOA wearers will make a bold statement through everyday casual wear.

How You Can Support Black-Owned Brands  

HUES BOA is one of the many pioneering, Black-founded brands to explore. Buyers can redirect spending toward brands that resonate with compassion and values. Here are tips to shop Black-owned in various categories:


Seek out emerging labels designed for diverse groups.  Brands like Konjo Beauty, a cruelty-free beauty line; Briogeo– a clean beauty brand; Base Butter- the cult skincare line; Pierre Performance, a men’s skincare line; and UnSun Cosmetics, sunscreen for darker skin tones. There are Black-owned brands for every beauty need.

Food and Beverage

Support Black-owned restaurants in your community and foods to purchase on the shelves. Partake cookies, Chika’s Foods, Pipcorn, Moonshot Snacks, Black & Bold Fairtrade Coffee, and Me & The Bees Lemonade are just a few lines that are not only among the best in their category but are Black-owned.

Home and Lifestyle

For home goods, explore brands like Jungalow, Reflektion Design, Southern Elegance Candle Company, Candace Luter Design Company, Soukie Modern, and Violet Vintage items for the home.

Tech and Entertainment

Try services like KweliTV, a Black-owned streaming service, Noirbnb, and Airbnb alternative, and listen to any of the dozens of popular podcasts, Still Processing and The Unbothered Network, that feature a range of diverse voices.

Across Categories

Use directories to find Black-owned businesses in your city, like Official Black Wall Street, WeBuyBlack, and SBO Support Black Owned, to find categorized options.

Shop Retailers Who Collaborate with Black Small Businesses and Creators

$14 billion in revenue has gone to over 625 Black-owned businesses and brands since May 2020 through a strategic plan to promote Black entrepreneurs through collaborations. Retailers like Nordstrom, Target, Kohl’s, Sephora, Macy’s, and Ulta are just a few.

Beyond Buying  

Beyond where we shop, there are other necessary actions to support change. Consider donating to organizations supporting Black business founders by mentoring them and giving them funding for startups. Groups like Black Girl Ventures and Black Girls Code empower the younger generation of Black innovators and leaders.

Be sure to amplify Black-owned brands you love on social media. Share their story and write reviews. Please talk about the products you like from them.

We Say Black Buy Black 

This is a conversation worth continuing!  Follow HUES BOA on social media and share your picks for Black-owned businesses that make a difference.  Collectively, our dollars and voices have power and can be used to uplift us all!


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