Black owned apparel
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We boldly honor our black history not for just one month. We continuously celebrate our accomplishments now. Our HUES BOA – There Are Black People In The Future! Acknowledges the past and future contributions of the resilient black community despite the struggles we have endured. Unity in diversity includes honoring the individual accomplishments of our diverse global community.

Style #: 100100AL – BLACK

  • Full Zip Front Light Weight Jacket
  • 100% Fine Polyester
  • HUES BOA – Left Chest fist Logo
  • Back Print – There Are Black People In The Future!
  • Regular fit
  • 25 oz
  • Sizes: XS- 2XL
  • Color: Black


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Lit Drops & Fire Styles Collection

Our Clothes = Our voice. We’re not your average brand. HUES B.O.A is all about breaking barriers and celebrating unity. Our new OTC( off the chain) apparel is made for everyone – no matter what shade or background you come from. We’re a proud black-owned apparel and accessories business, but we’re here to unite all of Heaven’s shades. Don’t forget to put the fam on note about HUES B.O.A.

Hues B.O.A A Black-Owned Fashion Brand

Beauty is rocking your style, accentuating the fact that Heaven Utilizes Every Shade of skin, and embracing yourappearance. It’s not just a pretty face – it’s a canvas of colors and shades that make you unique. Our newest fashion is responsible for helping to flip the script, showing us that beauty is about being authentic, owning who you are and accepting others for who they are.

The Cutting Edge of Diversity in Fashion

HUES B.O.A is a part of a turning tide. Fashion thrives when it fully showcases diversity, and we design just that way. Join us and help expand representation in the industry and giving people– all people a new way to present themselves to the world with pride and individuality. We are showing how Heaven Utilizes Every Shade in a global society.

Latest & Greatest Fashion Vibes

And this is why HUES B.O.A exists— our reason for being. HUES B.O.A is a street-styled clothing and accessories company that strives to contribute to the fashion world by making clothing that resonate with every form of humanity through diversity.
Our clothes = our voice and inspires us to create a new clothing brand that recognizes globally that Heaven Utilizes Every Shade.



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