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Made in the USA: Why It’s Important to Manufacture in America

Why Hues BOA’s Ethos and Brand are Striving to Support This

Made in the USA: Powering Prosperity at Home

The past few decades saw a decline in American Manufacturing thanks to trade policies prioritizing sending manufacturing overseas in the 1980s and 1990s. As that happened, Americans saw cheaper goods on the shelves, and our dollar may have seemed to stretch further when buying cheaper TVs, cell phones, and cars. But as it has become rarer to see the “Made in the USA” label on products, our country has suffered numerous negative impacts from sending manufacturing jobs and these entire industries offshore. 

In the 2020s, companies are awakening to the idea of localizing manufacturing again. Post-pandemic, there is a new trend to regionalize industries, as people witnessed that depending on other countries to manufacture all our goods is not the most dependable strategy (Remember the need for masks during Covid? Yet, since they were produced in China, Americans had to wait for shipments of personal protective equipment, needed in hospitals.) For the past few years, companies have begun recognizing the benefit of bringing production jobs back closer to our local cities.

Boosting American Jobs by Manufacturing in America

The number one reason why it’s crucial to bring manufacturing to American shores is the economic impact. As these jobs were shipped overseas in the 1990s, the US didn’t predict the full effect of outsourcing its industrial base. Sure, there was a benefit as products became cheaper since labor costs were lower in places like China and Vietnam. At the same time, the USA helped create jobs in the underdeveloped/underemployed regions of the world.

However, four decades of globalizing manufacturing destroyed many manufacturing communities in the US. Over time, the US lost hundreds of thousands of jobs, shut over 60,000 factories, and destroyed communities that were based around production and manufacturing. Giving other countries preferential treatment for manufacturing did not work entirely in our economic favor. These policies ended up trading US prosperity for that of an overseas labor force.

Economic Regrowth by Producing Locally

When companies re-invest in domestic manufacturing, they can reverse the trend of job loss and economic destruction in the local communities that suffered from globalization. Industries like textiles, automobiles, tech, and consumer products will flourish in America.

This can create a ripple effect, providing opportunities for people of all skill levels and supporting our local economies. In this way, de-globalizing fosters sustainable and meaningful employment to support families and put people back to work. Made in the USA is vital because producing goods locally strengthens individuals, families, and communities.

Skills Renaissance: From Assembly Lines to Artistry

Another reason manufacturing in the USA is essential is to develop skills and provide education. With so many consumer goods produced overseas, our population has lost the skills to create many products from scratch. We’ve also lost a competitive advantage globally. By bringing back manufacturing in the USA, especially here in Texas, where HUES BOA is based, we will reintroduce and preserve craftsmanship that has been slipping away for a generation.

Manufacturing isn’t just about assembly lines; it’s about learning and mastering skills like design, engineering, quality control, and logistics. By bringing production back home, people benefit from training programs and educational initiatives that give them fundamental, practical skills to earn a living. This helps fill the skills gap and gives a sense of pride and purpose that only comes from working with your hands.

Empowering Youth with New Skills

Today’s youth are digitally oriented and are growing up in a world where making things has almost become a lost art. This is another reason to bring back the “Made in the USA” label on products we buy. Manufacturing in the USA allows the opportunity to inspire and empower the younger generation. We show younger generations that creating, designing, and building are not outdated skills but are critical parts of innovation and progress. We are making and creating things youth want to get involved in and are attracted to. The skills to build and make things are skills to be proud of.

Texas’s vibrant culture and young population make it the perfect setting for a manufacturing resurgence. By reintroducing manufacturing, we can tap into the creativity and energy of our youth, encouraging opportunity in fields that involve tangible creation. With new tax policies favorable to building manufacturing facilities locally, the state is positioned as a hub for innovation and craftsmanship.

Made in the USA: Sustainability and Social Good


Choosing to manufacture in the USA, particularly in Texas, aligns with our values at HUES BOA and our socially conscious/environmentally aware consumer base. Sustainability is vital to today’s buyers, who would instead purchase from companies that are conscious of their actions. Bringing jobs to the local area is a more socially conscious model of making goods that Americans buy.

Producing at home allows brands and corporations to check and ensure workers are in safe conditions and paid fair wages. Being in the same place as your products makes it easy to ensure they are treated ethically. Another important reason to manufacture domestically is to reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping goods across oceans and using oil, gas, and energy in ways that destroy the environment.

By keeping production on our shores, we help create environmentally cleaner and more ethical supply chains. As HUES BOA aims to utilize its relationships with local creators and manufacturers, we will continue to develop resources in the USA throughout our supply chain.

This is not only core to HUES BOA’s values but also resonates with the values of our socially conscious customers. Thus, there is a need to prioritize transparency, fair labor practices, and environmental sustainability in their chosen products, and we aim to meet those high standards.

Building a Safer Foundation for The Future

The importance of domestic manufacturing goes beyond economic prosperity and social issues: – it is also a matter of national security. Depending on foreign manufacturing leaves us vulnerable to all kinds of interruptions in the global supply chain.  Recent events, like the global pandemic of 2020, taught consumers a lesson that relying on overseas production for essential goods can leave us at risk when we have a desperate need for essential products.

Our safety needs to be manufactured in America. Bringing manufacturing back to the USA, especially in Texas, helps us be more resilient and respond to crises. It ensures we can produce essential items locally without relying on a global transportation network. This helps protect our nation’s security and lowers our vulnerability to external factors we don’t control.

Crafting Our Future: Manufacturing Again in the USA

In conclusion, manufacturing and producing in the USA will revive prosperity for many millions of Americans. Rebuilding local industries is a critical way to reverse the decades of negative consequences of globalized manufacturing, such as job losses, an under-skilled workforce, and economic downturns in communities.

When companies decide to manufacture in the USA, they demonstrate how important it is to pass on new skills to our youth and rebuild a culture of creative innovation in this country. When a product is “Made in the USA,” it signifies that the company aligns with sustainability values and policies that favor the environment over shaving down labor costs. Producing goods closer to home means we are less affected by global shocks and crises that affect the supply chain.

The call to bring back the “Made in the USA” label is a path to strengthening economic resilience, supporting communities, and ensuring a more secure and sustainable future. HUES BOA is proud to be on that path toward producing our clothing brand in the USA by supporting manufacturers in Texas and close to home.


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