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White Men Continue to Hold Key Industry Roles

Why Is Fashion Mostly Male and White — Something HUES BOA is fighting to change   Fashion is a giant global industry, but it has long been dominated by white men, especially in prime positions like designers and CEOs. Of the 1.53 trillion dollars spent globally on apparel and footwear, only about 10% of fashion […]

Made in the USA: Why It’s Important to Manufacture in America

Why Hues BOA’s Ethos and Brand are Striving to Support This Made in the USA: Powering Prosperity at Home The past few decades saw a decline in American Manufacturing thanks to trade policies prioritizing sending manufacturing overseas in the 1980s and 1990s. As that happened, Americans saw cheaper goods on the shelves, and our dollar […]

Minority Trends Go Mainstream

Fashion Influences From Diverse Groups Fashion trends are a major reflection of the beautiful diversity in our society. Trends in what we wear and how we express beauty externally help us overcome the distance between different groups of people. When a trend from a cultural group goes mainstream, everyone gets to see elements of that […]

Beanies Through the Decades – A History of the Humble Beanie

Beanies: A Hat With a History Hats of all kinds have been around throughout history, usually as an absolute necessity to stay warm and protect our heads from the elements. It’s by chance that even though we devised modern ways to keep warm, hats remained a fashion statement, even though there are plenty of other […]

Celebrating Diverse Fashion Icons

Diverse individuals have been shaping fashion in the US for years. While the fashion industry has not always credited people of color and minorities for their contributions, that has not dampened their influence. Culturally and racially diverse people can often bring the most unique styles and new trends to a broader audience. In this article, […]

Tracing the Roots of Streetwear and Preserving its Authenticity

Streetwear: What Is It and Where Did It Come From? When the word streetwear pops into your mind, do you picture oversized t-shirts and baggy pants, maybe throwing in some cool athletic sweats, topped off with a slick baseball cap? If so, you’re partly right:  that is the essence of authentic streetwear. It’s more than […]

Disproportionate Racial Impact: The Weight of Inequality in US Prisons

In the United States, a striking imbalance permeates the criminal justice system, casting a light on profound racial disparities within our society. Despite making up only 13% of the nation’s population, Black Americans are overrepresented in prisons, accounting for 38% of the population behind bars. This population is followed by Hispanics in prison, comprising 15%. […]

Supporting Black-Owned E-Commerce: Why it Matters

Shop Socially Conscious Apparel: Supporting Black-Owned Businesses  So you’re fashion-savvy and shopping for pants, new sweats, jackets, or t-shirts–new additions to your everyday wardrobe. And you want to exude individuality and style, not an off-the-rack look. You’re not going to Amazon for fashion like thousands of more discerning consumers today. You feel where you spend […]

The Humble Beginnings of Hues BOA A Black-Owned Texas Brand

Started from the Bottom Now We’re Here Where It All Began in Bay City Texas From a 2-bedroom house ducked off in the cuts of Bay City, Texas. When we say “cuts,” we mean the heart of the hood. Avenue C was the most notorious street in our little town, with a population of approximately […]

Learn the Ins and Outs of Trendsetting Apparel Collaboration

You And HUES: A Perfect Collab Today’s fashion world has tons of players and moves quickly. If your brand isn’t constantly on top of new ways to build an audience and gain exposure, you risk losing out to other brands. Competition is tight, and the constantly innovating brands become the front runners. Designers should constantly […]



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