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The 5-Pocket Jean: Its Origin In Fashion & The Workplace

BE BOLD Why HUES BOA loves The 5-Pocket Jean We’ve got all the background on one of the most iconic fashion items in the world: the five-pocket jeans.  HUES BOA knows that our style-savvy fans and readers love to know cool details about style history and culture, so we dive into the quintessentially American denim […]

Contrasting Agendas: Corporate America vs. Community Investment

Why HUES BOA Supports Racial Diversity And Consumer Power Today, in America, the intersection of consumerism and social responsibility is under scrutiny by a more socially aware and racially diverse population. The financial influence of Black and Latino consumers is not just significant; it’s staggering. Black consumers, making up 13% of American consumers, command a […]

Fashion in Film: Diverse Iconic Style Figures as Seen by HUES BOA

Movies have always been major cultural trendsetters, shaping the fashion and taste of America through the killer style of the leading ladies and men on the screen. In this article, we want to spotlight a few of the diverse iconic style figures. These were actresses and actors who influenced audiences through their flair for fashion. […]

Community  and Connection : A Future Imagined by HUES BOA

Fashion Style with a Social Conscience HUES BOA is here to share our unique spin on cool street style and casual clothes that resonate with today’s market. But our goal is also to do more than that. Our brand’s vision extends beyond seeing people feel and look great in our clothes. Our brand fosters a […]

The Next Generation: Emerging Minority Leaders to Watch

  We’ve got good reason to be excited about the future: a new generation of diverse young leaders is stepping up in grassroots activism and US civic and government engagement. These new names are rising to the challenge of forming a more equitable and just society in the U.S. As minority voices begin to have […]

White Men Continue to Hold Key Industry Roles

Why Is Fashion Mostly Male and White — Something HUES BOA is fighting to change   Fashion is a giant global industry, but it has long been dominated by white men, especially in prime positions like designers and CEOs. Of the 1.53 trillion dollars spent globally on apparel and footwear, only about 10% of fashion […]

Made in the USA: Why It’s Important to Manufacture in America

Why Hues BOA’s Ethos and Brand are Striving to Support This Made in the USA: Powering Prosperity at Home The past few decades saw a decline in American Manufacturing thanks to trade policies prioritizing sending manufacturing overseas in the 1980s and 1990s. As that happened, Americans saw cheaper goods on the shelves, and our dollar […]

Minority Trends Go Mainstream

Fashion Influences From Diverse Groups Fashion trends are a major reflection of the beautiful diversity in our society. Trends in what we wear and how we express beauty externally help us overcome the distance between different groups of people. When a trend from a cultural group goes mainstream, everyone gets to see elements of that […]


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